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I haven't had a chance to look yet, but it's clear that the presence of this major development will be made felt locally.

The image above shows the St Ann's Road elevation in sections. Click it and click again for larger sizes.

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Can't help with your direct question, but on the news last night there was an item about disused police stations vein converted to schools and I did wonder about whether the old St Ann's police building on the corner of this plot might be pressed into service - unless of course the plans have it being demolished.

I thought it was only 106 flats + 7 houses which wouldn't have that much impact.. then I read on! Plus another 350 residential units....

The St Ann's Police Station and outbuildings was being advertised for sale on the open market last week.

There goes that school then!

Any word on improvements to infrastructure (healthcare provision in particular) in the area? 

I'd like to believe that a development of this size wouldn't be allowed to go ahead without fully addressing this concern, but then...I don't have that sort of optimism. 

Haringey is the only London borough without a hospital. We have to commute to the M25, or Archway, or Homerton, or Euston, for both emergency and inpatient treatment. How is this site being handed over like this, instead of being upgraded to provide at least A&E and a walk-in clinic, and the local cottage hospital provision that's now coming back into fashion (again)?

How does it fit into adding another 10000 dwellings within its catchment?  Who makes these decisions? I know it's outwith the remit of t'Council, so who did it?

I have no idea. But whoever they are, something tells me they don't live here. 

Absolutely. Barnet and Enfield Mental Health Trust are able to sell 2/3rds of the land IF they get Planning Permission . They have gone through  A consultation process which was fobbing off local residents when they asked for an A&E or at least a Walk in Minor Injuries Centre and/or more GPs on site. A local hospital would be an answer .HaNSAH is a group of residents who are fighting for a proper health assessment ( a health check) to be done of the area to see what facilities are needed for 10,000 new homes.

If you want to know more come to our meeting on 30/6/14 at Chestnuts Community Centre (St Anns Rd 630-830) or look at our facebook page Haringeyneedsstannshospial.


I think planning permission is almost certain. The writing was writ large on the wall with the publication of the site allocations plan. I think the Council have little room to wriggle on this one. So it's not IF but HOW.

Agree emergency service required in the area and specialism that reflect the health service requirements of the area, air quality is diabolical and there is a need for emergency chest, breathing as well as the mental health emergency services, the police station is required, how they can say surplus to requirements after locking the doors to the public is plain manipulation, looking for the lowest bidder in this fire sale, disgusted at the corruption.

Sooo....... anyone know whats happening with the public assets sell off.

Tania and others interested in St Anns!

Sell off progressing and a new planning "consultation " is taking place to about 200 people who live near the hospital. You now have to at least 18/11/14 to object to these plans to sell of 2/3rds with no health assessment of the Tottenham area . You can object by using a standard letter via Haringey Needs St Anns Hospital campaign site ....  http://tinyurl.com/stannshospital.  or writing a letter:http://tinyurl.com/stannsobjectionletter.

Or join us leafleting outside Iceland Green Lanes Saturday 25th October  at 12pm 

Rod       More details at      https://www.facebook.com/HaringeyNeedsStAnnsHospital



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