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St Ann's hospital demolition and construction process - last days of consultation!

There has been previous discussion of the St Ann's hospital development, but I don't think there had been coverage of the current consultation on the demolition process.

The council planning page on the project is here, including two demolition documents - the 'demolition and construction logistics plan' (CLP) and the Demolition Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

Bizarrely, the CLP mentions St Anns primary school as a 'constraint', but not Chestnuts primary school (which is opposite the site!).

The site will be operational in the following hours, with 1 hour before & after for set up etc:

- Monday to Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm

Saturday 8.00am - 1.00pm

The demolition phase is March - November 2023, with construction from October 2023 - October 2026; this will mean a lot of lorries over a period of 3.5 years, so will inevitably affect a lot of people.

The Gardens Residents association is working on a response - I think the deadline is the 17th November - but this is not a very straightforward process.

I haven't been directly involved, but I thought that it was important that more people were made aware of this issues.

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Just to add Vehicular access directly opposite Chestnuts School, on St Ann's Rd, will be created for demolition and construction and this will be permanent.

Although Chestnuts Primary School is mentioned in the comprehensive list of sensitive receptors in the Demolition Environmental Management plan (p6) it is not mentioned at all in the Demolition and Construction Logistics Plan where the challenges are listed (p6). Very odd!

You are absolutely right above this. I don't think that the school or local parents were properly consulted.

Haringey’s Air Quality Action Plan 2019-2024 notes that ‘air pollution particularly affects the most vulnerable in society: children and older people, and those with heart and lung conditions.’ There is a ‘strong correlation with equalities issues.. areas with poor air quality are also often the less affluent areas’ (p.2).

St Ann’s Ward is one such area. The loss of trees and shrubs along St Ann’s Road will directly impact on schoolchildren at Chestnuts Primary School, which is located directly opposite the site. Trees play a vital role in mitigating air pollution, particulate matter and pollutants; the loss of green canopy opposite the school will make local air quality worse.

A main entry point for construction vehicles is planned for opposite the reception playground of Chestnuts Primary School– as a permanent entrance for the site. During the development phase 500 lorries per month will enter the site - almost 30 per day for 3 years. The current plan does not assess or contain plans to minimise the air pollution, noise and road safety risks for our children.

The creation of 106 new parking spaces for the development will further increase local traffic congestion, contradicting the Council’s shift towards Active Travelthrough walking and cycling, and the new LTN in the St Ann’s area. Friends of St Ann's Green Spaces is calling on Haringey to lead on green travel by making St Ann’s New Neighbourhood a car-free housing development.

You can still object on Haringey's Planning Portal here



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