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The full list of nominated candidates is now on the Haringey website.


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I couldn't agree more. And this comes from a lifetime Labour voter!

I'm in the ward and the only party who've knocked on my door is Labour, we haven't had leaflets from any other parties. I work from home and have young-ish children so I'm at home at lot.

Haven't seen Labour nor got a leaflet but have seen LibDem and got their card through.

Mind you i'm not there all the time

And almost certainly never heard of/stepped foot in St Ann's before.  Out an electorate of almost 80,000 (2010 figure), it beggars belief that the Conservatives couldn't find a candidate anywhere in the Tottenham Parliamentary constituency. Wouldn't have happened in my time. 

I also hear that, of the post Brexit recruits, nearly all are white, voted Leave and are using the local branch because they are careerists who want to move up the greasy pole once they are in a financial position to re-locate to a "civilised" area. 

Tottenham and Britain need, more than ever, needs genuine community-minded campaigners who are rooted in the centre ground of politics. I don't have a vote as I am not in the ward but would, without any hesitation, vote for Josh Dixon if I did. 

No idea. No doubt Josh will answer that question. Why do you need to know? What relevance is it? 

Hi Neil! I do indeed, although not sure my LinkedIn is probably the best means to judge my character but happy for you to take a look: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/joshua-dixon-97969182

The word "need" is duplicated. Apologies.

Is this not one of the standard 'entries' into politics?  Get nominated/elected for a local council, and then progress to nomination for a parliamentary seat.  And the brighter stars get the safer seats no matter where they live.  Doesn't mean they'll be a bad councillor.

I've stood for Parliament before. It was quite the experience (despite knowing I'd lose). However, if I wanted that kind of career path I'd probably not have joined the Lib Dems. Not so easy to be a careerist when we have so few safer seats :)

The Libdems present themselves as the alternative to the arrogant current Council in Haringey. We certainly do need an alternative  but sadly, the best intentions of the Libdems have been undone by the national party leaders. The better alternative is Noah Tucker, who is a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, the best thing to happen to british politics in a generation. Labour now have in the region of 600,000 members, the biggest party in Europe and the fury in the Press and the PLP over Corbyn is not so much over the man but over the new, honest politics he stands for. The old Labour establishment has seen Labour lose two general elections in a row, but they still fear the threat of a genuine democratic party full of enthusiastic new members(and plenty of grey heads too)

I think you make a good point about how the Lib Dem image may have been damaged in recent years. However, it is important to stress that this is a local election and should be about the issues we face in our community and not whether a candidate supports Jeremy or not. What does also concern me is the Labour Party seems to be openly fighting each other rather than fighting for the ordinary people who need a strong opposition to this awful Tory government.



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