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The full list of nominated candidates is now on the Haringey website.


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Labour by a mile. I heard nothing about their selection meeting but I presume it was better attended and invigilated than the previous one.

Having attended the selection meeting I was both impressed with the turn out and the way the meeting was conducted. The decision was decisive with, in my opinion, an excellent candidate and there was no suggestion of any impropriety. A far cry from what was reported as having happened in 2013 of which I cannot comment as I wasn't there.

Interesting to note that TUSC (Trades Union and Socialist Coalition) has not fielded a candidate.

Also the Conservative candidate is the only one not living in the Constituency.

Surely the TUSC would not put up a candidate against a pro-Corbyn Labour candidate?

They have: it's the Labour candidate :)

All male and pale, I see.

Oh give over Justin. We have three female councillors in Harringay and their first names ALL RHYME!!! Beat that! They rhyme!

Bully for you!

I did notice that.

And white!

The outgoing Councillor was also.......

Who knew? 



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