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Its seems squatters have moved into the old Post office in Green Lanes today.....

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I am referring to the principle of property rights Maggie.

The world has moved on from the era of war and violent land grab that gave rise to the early land ownership, precisely because we now have a legal and enforcement framework to protect property rights. I don't see how one can root for squatters whilst at the same time benefitting from the very laws they break. 

So you wont mind if i steal your car becors your not using it or break into your house becors i can see through the window that youve got more food than me even if i spend my cash at the bettin shop and booze up with my mates

 Nice. When can i come round?

You would be welcome anytime, the car is shared and good luck with finding any food apart from what I grow at my allotment. So you think that its ok for buildings to lie empty and rotting while tens of thousands are homeless or multiple families are reduced to sharing accommodation for no fault of their own when its possible to give them shelter?

Private property though. Let peple just take what they havent payed for and its koas. No one would work no one would pay taxes and thered be no hospital no army. Got to have rules. Even I know that and I'm done some runnin with the coppers in my time

They ventured onto human property!

Ha, very funny... i find pheasants revolting at the best of times.

The real Green Lanes Post Office Squatters set up in Paul Simon's idle place more than a year ago. Unfortunately, Kotkas, our local police have shown no interest in paying them a prompt or belated visit to send them on their merry way. Capitalism is the real face of Law & Disorder on Green Lanes and everywhere else. 

That’s a shame. I’ll report again. If we can’t trust the system to enforce property rights we might as well all go back to living in caves... or abandoned Post Offices/Kebab Restaurants...

What is your primary concern about these people? Do you feel comfortable making them homeless? 

Not particularly. Yet there are charities and organisations that help the homeless, such as Shelter, who should also be notified.

Frankly, I don't feel comfortable knowing there are individuals who feel like they can help themselves to someone else's property on our high street, putting ACAB posters in the window and so on. Beyond this, the presence of squatters adds to the low-level antisocial environment that is known to create a feedback loop of yet more antisocial behaviour.

So yes, I'd be quite happy to see them moved on.

What low level antisocial behaviour are you thinking of? 



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