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The plane in the picture has been flying over Haringey / North London today Saturday 6th August.  It comes in from the north and flies south in the direction of the City and then back again in continuous loops.  It did this for about two hours this morning from about 9am and has been doing the same this afternoon since about 1pm.

What is it doing, why is it necessary to go round and round for hours on end?  Living on the hill I can hear the engine noise quite clearly and it starts to get a bit annoying.

This is quite a regular event, occurring every couple of months.  A year ago I tried to get some information from the Civil Aviation Authority but they didn't reply.

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According to the data log it was flying at about 1,000 feet which is more normal and good for photography I believe.

Different plane (G-VIPP), similar routine just now, 1045ish today. Plane is registered to 'Flight Calibration Services', their website describing what they do is here:  http://www.flightcalibration.co.uk/

Thanks.  I saw this, it was doing loops round Islington area and then did loops round Finsbury Park area.

This from Ravenair

Dear Mr Woods

 Thank you for your email via our website.

 We are an Aerial Survey Company. We conduct Aerial Surveys across the UK and Northern Europe for various purposes, photogrammetry, Lidar, Visual Inspection etc.

 Operations are conducted under our Air Operators Certificate IAW Rules of the Air and under Local Permissions where applicable.

 I trust this answers your question.



It wouldn't surprise me if they were doing work for Google to update the aerial photos.

Good guess. Wouldn't surprise me either.

I know this discussion is very old, but this plane's constant whirring overhead has been driving me a bit loopy. (If indeed it is the same place you were talking about ?! )

It flies in circles over our area of Seven Sisters / Downhills Park (i'm sure it's a very wide area in reality) and doesn't have flashing lights like a regular jet would. It also doesn't have any presence on the FlightRadar app or similar. I've seen it doing the same thing albeit different routes at very high altitudes during the day, all through the summer and continues to do this until now. In fact is up there right now! I was just watching it whilst giving the dog a wee in the garden. It came over three times whilst I was there. It has a very particular 'whirring' that is completely separate from normal air traffic noise which I can easily differentiate and comes over and over in circles for long periods at a time. 

I thought i would post about it, just to reignite the convo and see if anyone else has been noticing it?

I'd say the guess about Google Maps imagery was probably correct - I noticed the other day that the new building by Hornsey station now shows in its full height minus the "wrapping" which is how it would've looked around August.

I noticed it earlier when I was out in the street. I'm indoors now but can still hear it.

Yes still up there whirring away! I'm in my house and can hear it in every part of it. Thanks for agreeing it exists :) 



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