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Speaking Stones is a new audio trail giving a voice to the statues, carvings and wall-paintings in and around Harringay.

Do you fancy writing a short speech for a sculpture? A bit of bombast for a bronze? A mini monologue for a marble? Then come along to the free Speaking Stones writing workshops at Stroud Green Library in April (see What's On for details). Just ask at the library to book your place.

The Speaking Stones audio trail will be recorded by professional actors and it will feature specially commissioned music from local composers. Help us give a voice to the art on your street.

We're on twitter too @StonesSpeaking and we'd love to see any local artworks you spot on the street. Feel free to share your images here or @ us with the hashtag #SpeakingStones.

Speaking Stones is supported by The Mayor of London's Culture Seeds.

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We're on twitter too @StonesSpeaking and we'd love to see any local artworks you spot on the street.

Feel free to share your images here or @ us with the hashtag #SpeakingStones. Like this charming chaffinch...

Sounds like a great project.

I notice that your website uses a picture of the Cavendish cows as its header. Had you seen my piece on this from a couple of years back? Do you know any more than I was able to find out?

I have read your piece Hugh and enjoyed it very much. In fact, it's what got me thinking about the Speaking Stones project in the first place! Not sure we'll ever solve the mystery of why the Pryors chose the cows, but I am sure we're going to have some fun with that magnificent herd when we make the Speaking Stones audio trail.

Also? Does anyone know WHO this is?  Zeus? Poseidon? Herakles? He's been greeting the drinkers at The Salisbury for years, but who exactly IS this mystery marble? Does anyone know for sure?


Could be!  The mystery deepens...

I'm no expert, but it looks rather like it might be Hercules? (A tentative suggestion)

I also thought, potentially, Atlas? I've tried asking a couple of classical world experts I know, but so far nothing conclusive. I think he is a copy of a famous piece, because I have the strong feeling I've seen him somewhere before, but despite quite a bit of googling of 'famous marbles', etc he's still a mystery. But I'm optimistic the hive mind of Harringay Online will get there one day!

Dionysus would be appropriate.

Wouldn't it?  But after some Googling, I think Hugh could be closest. There are quite a lot of variations on the so-called  'Farnese Hercules' (after a lost original by the Ancient Athenian sculptor Glykon), which look a lot like our Salisbury star. I'd be totally convinced it WAS Hercules (or Herakles) if I could find a version with a broken nose like the one on Green Lanes...

Here is a pix I took in 2014 of the magnificient Hercules at Rest a huge statue to be found in the Naples Museum. It is a roman copy of a Greek original and dates from end of 2Cto early 3 AD.

The face is the same.

Great picture! And yes, this is our guy!



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