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Does anyone have any spare daily visitor permits for Green Lanes B (or A would work too).

I have ordered new ones but they haven't arrived and I would need some urgently.

Many thanks,


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I can help with some, I’m on the ladder side. 

Thanks Meg, I managed to get some for Green Lanes B in the end. But thanks so much for offering.

Hey Meg! Going to send you a message if that's ok! 

It is, I’m sorry I didn’t see this until just now. 

Thanks so much for the offer. I managed to get a couple more. Hopefully the ones I ordered will arrive soon, but if it's ok I'll keep your number just in case the don't get here in the next couple of days?

i presume you have made a note of my number elsewhere so now  i can remove it from here. Best G

yes ;) thanks so much



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