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Hi I'm staging a children's book illustration event at Hornsey Library in a few weeks. I need some long and short lengths pieces of timber to remount some artwork. If you have any spare timber lying around that wound be great. Or if you can think of a timber yard or joiner who might be in a position to help out that would be brilliant.

I will be doing storytelling session during the event and I'd be happy to do free ones for anyone who can help out. Will also be happy to give a shoutout to any timber yard who lend support.

Many thanks.


For more info on the event check out:

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Hi depends on how much you need but my mate Steve Bishop at Thomersons in Middle Lane Crouch End normally has a bin out front of the shop with assorted offcuts minimal charge or if you explain what you doing they usually help out local causes. Good luck Keith (they dont do much online so no links sorry)



Hi, Thanks Keith. His small pieces are a bit too small for what I need. But he has offered a good discount on some of his larger bits of timber, which is very generous of him. But I do need a lot of large pieces and I have zero budget so I'm mainly looking for donations.

Thanks for your interest


Hi Norman

We hope to be to be replacing some pine floorboards at the weekend. They are around 15cm in width - lengths should be fine but not sure if this is too wide for what you want. And as it's for a good cause I don't mind helping you knock them up into a display if reasonably basic!

Hi Steve

That sounds amazing. Thank you very much. The display concept is fairly simple but your help with this would be much appreciated. I can bring one of the images in to show you if you have time before your weekend job. Other than that I'm happy to chat next week.

Thanks again


Hi Norman

I've sent a connection request.

Speak soon - Steve

Hi Steve

We are now connected.

Speak soon


Hi Norman

The timber is now available. I am not sure if my recent message with tel No has got through to you via a pm - please forward a tel No and I'll give you a ring. Alternatively if you are now sorted please let me know.



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