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Any one know of any one teaching Spanish -More interested in the conversational side!

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Response via Facebook:

Andrea Gavilan: Hi Shez, my name is Andrea, I'm Argentinian, I live near to the Salisbury pub, if you are interested get in touch.


This sounds very interesting my number is 07958535994 call me and we can get to gether - Im local to you Shez

I'm very interested and you are local - but can you teach  someone like me who has no Spanish knowledge?

Oh yes and please call me  my number is 07958535994

Hi Andrea, I am interested if you are a Spanish teacher and not just someone that can speak Spanish.

Regards Ian

Hi Shez, my partner is Spanish and good at teaching,
She is away and not back until the end of the month,
However let me know if still interested.

Sounds like a plan! Shez call me on 07958535994

please contact me on 079058535994 or leavesofmusic@aol.com thanks Sherry

Go to the Stroud Green & Harringay Library on Stapleton Hall Road and speak to Magnolia. She is Columbian and teaches Spanish. If interested maybe we can start up a conversation group as I am keen to learn as well.


Hi Vanessa
I'd like to join a conversation group but I'm only a beginner, so may not be suitable for me?


Lets see if we can get one going call me on 07958535994 or leavesofmusic@aol.com as im in the same b oat as you except less experience

I am also interested in learning Spanish as a beginner and also a conversation group if that is suitable for a beginner. Thanks Ian



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