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I realise this is lurching heavily into First World Problems but.. we always bought our bread from Music and Beans which sadly looks like it has shut.

Have you any thoughts about where to buy sourdough around here that is still open?

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Dunn’s crouch end

Its a bit far to walk though isn't it.. and not sure it would count as 'essential'.

Have you tried Harringay Local Store?

The corner shop along from the Woodberry Down Post Office has a daily delivery of sourdough. It's sliced and bagged though. It's OK. 

West green road cafe lemon £4.95 loaf

Intrepid Bakers Hornsey High Street (near the Tesco) and the new organic shop at junction of Hornsey High St and Middle Lane opposite Priory park NE entrance.

Harringay Local Store - especially the ancient loaf!

Have you tried the Polish grocery shop on green lanes? Polziomka has some nice bread including sourdough. I think it is mass produced, so probably not the same as what you buy from an independent shop. But it is very close to Music and bean and you might be able to try some other Polish grocery and food too. Price is very reasonable for a loaf of sourdough bread. (£2 ish for a loaf)

But First Coffee, up Quernmore Rd (just over the railway bridge) now sells bread and of course amazing coffee. They are also set up to safely deliver coffee etc in accordance with gov protocols. 

Harringay Local Store of course! Dusty Knuckle, Flourish and St John 

Yussss... you guys rock my socks



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