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Given the very likely lockdown I am thinking about starting to bake bread again. Does anyone have sourdough mother I can take to get the ball rolling? 

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Yasser Halim used to sell fresh yeast if you want to start your own. don't know if they still do.

Do you still need some - I have some you have?

I’ve got a good starter that I made 8 years ago!

 Message me at zaza@frogjump.co.uk

I've got some as well which you'd be welcome to have some of. On a related note, does anyone know where I can find bread flour to buy?? Most shops in Harringay seem to have sold out. 

Aksu Food Centre on Green Lanes!


Mine isn’t very old - so best going with Zara’s!

I do - a colleague gave me some. I halved it to get it going again but that's been successful so I could give you the spare - about 80g I think.

The problem at the moment is getting hold of flour. I make 100% rye sourdough as I can't digest wheat - but neither have been available all week. Shelves empty everywhere.

I think I've seen rye in Harringay Local Store - while on my quest for strong white flour (Aksu Food Centre for that)

I looked yesterday and didn't see any there.Sainsbury's do Dove's Farm,but flour is one of the products people are bulk-buying.

Aksu had it though so it's fine.  A few hours later my leaven is looking very vigorous!

So if anyone needs a starter now I can definitely spare some. I will have bread by the end of tomorrow!



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