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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

We found a goody yesterday......not local, but worth a drive.

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There has been an explosion of bluebells this year Hugh, with the dappled light of the wood they have a beautiful translucence. There are even white bluebells (paradox accepted), some are growing in the churchyard green cnr of Bounds Green Road and the High Road.


Thanks, Xavier. They certainly seemed to be doing well. Sadly we chose a day with no direct sunlight to be dappled.

Where was that Hugh, Hertfordshire?.

Hugh are you teasing us with the location? They are beautiful.

Also from yesterday, near Sevenoaks:

Sorry Maggie. I'd been intending to add a video my other half made on the phone for the folks back home but then forgot. It has the location in the title.

This is the wood that's attracted some media attention due to NT decision to charge for access for the first time, partly as people were trampling the bluebells. I go every year to the Osterley ones and this year they're better than ever due to clearance of brambles enabling further growth and spreading.


Gobions Wood

This place is lovely as well  - you can catch the train from Hornsey to Brookmans Park and walk (15 minutes?)
I've not been yet this year, but in previous years it has had lovely bluebells.

Thanks for the tip Judith, just took the train from Hornsey (20 mins)  up there for a picnic lunch and some pics...The bluebells are at the eastern end of the wood (see arrow)

beautiful! You've inspired me to go up at the weekend!

We were camping on the Bentley Estate in Sussex at the weekend and they were all around, also in abundance at Sheffield Park NT on the Bluebell Railway. Sadly they don't show as well in my photos as in yours as I just had my phone camera.
I did manage to get a quick snap of this "Bluebell" as she pulled in.



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