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we need to replace our cat flap, which will.involve altering the size and shape of the existing hole (annoyingly our microchip flap is broken and we can no longer get the same shape and size of model). Can anyone recommend someone to cut through a UPVC door? Once that’s done we can probably install the cat flap ourselves.

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Hi, we used Michael (Michael@catflapman.co.uk) to do the whole thing - he was very efficient and did a good job.

Thanks, Lucy.

Am hoping to find someone willing to do just the cutting but may have to go for the whole package.

I reckon you could do that yourself with a jigsaw. Firstly mark out the size of the hole.  Drill a hole through the door for the jigsaw blade to go through then follow the line.   You can do it

Hmmm...my family don't even trust me with the hedge trimmer! But that sounds like the beginnings of a plan. Thanks

We're interested in getting one in a double glazed glass door. I don't suppose we could hijack this thread to see if anyone has recommendations for that too!?

You'll have to get a new glazed unit made up with the hole in. They are sealed units so holes can't be added after being made.

Try the posts linked via the tag added under the original post.



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