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Not mine.

I was walking down Harringay Passage at around 9:20am when at the corner of Duckett Road (towards Mattison) two guys turned in and dumped Amazon packaging right at the corner. I saw the box packaged bottle of booze they had retrieved from it (couldn't get a good look but I think it was Scotch). They were speaking half in English and half in a language I didn't recognise but one of them seemed to think the bottle was broken.

Both were on the shorter side - about 5'6". One with a somewhat darker complexion and southern European features with his hair in a sort of top knot, the other lighter skinned and gaunt with foppish hair and wearing a camel coloured bomber or varsity jacket. I didn't get a close enough look to note any more details.

I lingered for a bit to see if I could turn the packaging over and see the address so I could let the unlucky person know. I think they noticed this and turned around so I made off because I don't fancy being stabbed by the desperate. 

When I got to Burgoyne Road I turned around to look again and took out my phone intending to call the cops. They were meanwhile gathering up the packaging, having figured what I intended to do. They saw me and started walking in my direction while shaking their fists so I carried on.

The package must have been for someone who's been away through the weekend, else it would be unlikely to have been lying around.

If it was yours, I'm sorry for your loss and hope it wasn't a particularly fine single malt.

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i think this is a regular feature.... sounds like the usual suspects .... IVDU that use Chestnuts park to buy sell goods to fund drugs. Oftenseen on bikes carrying two and from .. Be vigilant around Harringay Passage 

What is an IVDU? 

Intravenous Drug Users.  

I hate the 21st century * ( wasn't that keen on the 20th)

As a woman (and one with an incurable illness) I'm very grateful for the freedoms and health advantages the 21st century has brought me.



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