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Went outside this morning and found that someone has dumped a sofa in my front garden.  We’re the first garden you come to when you turn off Green Lanes, so it’s not uncommon for people to put rubbish in our bins, but this is a new level.

It’s missing it’s base, and is badly ripped, so I don’t think any passer by is going to be tempted by it.  At a bit of a loss what to do.  I’m assuming Veolia are going to be somewhat disbelieving about me claiming it’s not mine, and try and charge me to take it away, and I live on my own, so sneakily re -flytipping it isn’t a option

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That is brazen, I was mightily ********* off when someone left a huge flat screen TV with cracked screen, still in cellophane leaning against my wall - during the day.  I was lucky as someone else took it

One option would be to appeal to the better nature of your councillor and ask for their assistance in getting the Council to remove it. A quicker option would be to shift it to the pavement and use the Report-it service to report it as what it is, dumped rubbish. The reports I make are often cleared within 24 hours. It's pretty efficient. If you can't move it alone, do you have a neighbour who might help?

Report it by phone, email, vis your Haringey Council account or the report-it app - see contacts here.

I would contact first Veolia, explaining the situation. If that's a no go, I'd contact Cllr Seema Chandwani who is very helpful in regards to waste issues and the cabinet member for that area.

Legally you are responsible for anything like that dumped on your land meaning that you would have to pay to have it taken away. Think about it. If the council took these things for free they (the sofa owners) could have used their own front garden to store it in until it was taken.

I don't how that is acceptable or right!

Joys of a Borough where Enforcement does not seem to exist

See more and more items left on footway as items was not removed as not in bins

Including fridges / cookers etc 

Current favorite around my area is beds and mattresses

Veolia Scavenger crews park up near me a break times, can not believe what lorries are full of. Not forgetting they run two shifts and 7 days a week

While the Council throws a fortune on Banners and notices. with a email address that most times bounces back emails and phone number goes to switchboard and advised unable to take calls

As they say you get what you Voted For Councilors that are more interest in Party issues than what they was elected and well paid for 



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