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sorry for long post

I’ve lived around here since 1995, and I’ve never ever known this

it started mid April with someone smashing numerous car mirrors on mattison road

that night/ early morning a few guys dismantled my front wall and threw it through my front window, Destroying my bulletproof double glazing, covering my whole sitting room with shattered glass. Thankfully I wasn’t up, or it would have hit me, possibly killed me

Then few weeks later, someone smashed my big plant pot out the front

1 week ago someone tried to kick my back gate in, thankfully only splintered the wood of 1 lock, and the other 2 locks held out

i also notice someone on duckett road adjacent  to me, has also had their front window smashed, also still boarded up like mine

i believe there are also numerous other things on the road, like cars being broken into, windscreens being smashed

its all so so terrible. Police officer finally came round last wkend, and just urges anyone who has been a recent victim of crime to contact 101, you can even do it on line. As the more complaints, then higher priority it is for the antisocial neighbour hood team to do more patrols

He also said to get people to contact the council requesting for more lighting on the passageway. Again the more people whom request it, the more likely this is to be done

meanwhile several hundreds of pounds later,repairing my window etc, I’m investing in cctv, video doorbell, fence, and anticlimb paint, and lighting

I need to feel safe again, and I don’t want to have to put bars on my window

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Personally, as a woman who lives alone, arriving home to find a group of men smoking crack on my doorstep and having to asking them to move so I can unlock my door, does make me feel very vulnerable. 

The boys did well. The looters didn't dare hit Green Lanes.

Gosh, I bet you feel vulnerable, Betty. Sympathies. 

This is all so horrible tigha, to have just one of those attacks is bad enough but continual damage and threats to your safety. Things are getting worse and it is getting more widespread. In my street there has been the crack smoking on people's doorstep for years but more recent is the car mirror, windscreen smashing a regular occurrence plus lots of other ASB. And this is not the passage side of the area.

I'm sure Harringay is not alone in experiencing this trend. Mayor Khan doesn't seem interested in such matters. Having photo ops with the King and a clock is more important than dealing with the everyday issues we have to confront. 

Sorry to hear this. Did you call the police after these person(s) dismantled your wall and attacked your house?

Surely they attended and said they would investigate?

You must be joking. I rang 999 as soon as I got up. I was too scared to get up in the night, and didn’t have my phone on me. The call centre told me to try not to disturb anything. despite my whole sitting room being covered in broken glass. I was hysterical asking for someone to come round. I heard nothing and called them the next day, only to get a call back 2days later saying there was nothing they could do. End off

thankfully 2 local friends came round for a few hours to shovelled me up, and the glass. Otherwise I would have stayed all day in the the hysterical huddle, thinking I needed to leave the broken glass all round. FFS

so when I had the next attempt at break in plus the extra  breakage out the front, I saw no point in reporting it, until one of my patients in the field told me

It's terrible that the police wouldn't come to help you when this happened. Are we just supposed to put up with these attacks? Nothing they could do? A crime report would help, some sort of investigation into this and similar crimes in the area. Seems they have stopped doing these basic things. Really feel for you tigha, we should not be subjected to this and told nothing can be done. Good thing some friends came round to help you out. Maybe we should form a group here to support each other when such things happen.

Ruth, thankyou, it’s so sad it’s come to this, but makes you think it’s needed indeed.Thankfully we have a road WhatsApp group, which helps.

Pleased you've got that WhatsApp group tigha. Some comfort for you. I hope these horrible people leave you alone now to recover and repair your place. 

 I'm really sorry to hear about the lack of support from the police, especially as you are a female living alone. The lack of police resources must be getting worse.

Perhaps contact your safer neighbourhood team to see if they can keep an eye on the road

Yes that’s what I’m trying to do, but with the lack of resources for them, like medics, there aren’t many around. It’s rubbish



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