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I was distressed to learn that Anna's excellent cafe (Snug Art Cafe at 549 Green Lanes N8) is to close down for good at the end of this month.  This place has been a consistent calling point for several years both when entertaining toddlers or when simply enjoying breakfast while reading the paper.  I am told this closure is the result of increasing rent.  I am sure I shall not be alone in regretting the loss of this friendly and well run place.

Does anyone suppose that what comes next will add value to our main street?

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I was literally looking for this thread! That’s so sad…my kids will be devastated :(

It's been a while since I've been in there, but the loss of these 'third spaces' bodes ill for any sense of community. Hard to know what the solution is, but a council tax exemption ought to be the minimum done.

ah that's a real shame. As another poster said, it's a real godsend, as a frazzled parent, to have  hava space where the little one can just play while I have a cup of tea

What comes next? Turkish restaurant, barbers or betting shop, presumably. 

I notice that the place of Snug has been taken by a charity shop connected with https://www.wigsforheroes.org/.

Hard to regard another charity shop as a great improvement (regardless of its no doubt worthy aims).  Odd also to think that a charity shop is better able to pay the increased rent that drove out a popular cafe.



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