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My phone was grabbed from my hands this evening as I was on the corner of Wightman and Umfreville Roads. The two men were on motorbikes and rode on the curb and grabbed it out of my hands.

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That's awful. How frightening. I hope you are feeling better.

Scary. Sorry to hear about this. Very disturbing for you, Thanks for broadcasting the warning.

Sorry to hear this. A few weeks back I was a victim of what seems like the same pair of snatch thieves on Boundary road. It also happened in the evening. They came up on the pavement behind me and attempted to snatch my phone. Somehow I managed to keep hold of it. It happened so fast. I saw them ride back up the street again shortly after.  

I reported this to the police online. They told me they had several other reports the same evening. 

I'm so sorry! This happened to me a few years back in Newington Green, these robberies were rife at the time. It eventually seemed that the Police finally caught the culprits and the incidents stopped. So scary that it's starting again 🙁.All in all, with a couple of things I've read on here, seems like Wightman Road is to be avoided at the moment, which is really sad.

Should've said, hope you’re doing ok!

Sorry to hear. I saw a few kids on mopeds masking up to do what I assume was a string of phone grabs of people on their way to the station (they were talking really loudly). I was shocked as it was 6.30am. One of the worse spots seems to be Manor House station as there’s the easy access to the pavement by the row of shops (by dobar). 

The laws need to be made a lot tougher on these thugs , lock them up with bread and water for 6 months.

first of all, there needs to be sufficient police to catch them

Even if you had 1000 cops and find them , a slap on the wrist from a judge isn't a deterrent , .

Hard labor in a work camp , bread and water for 6 months would soon let them know that they are thugs that won't be tolerated , and while they are at it take away any benefits they get from society 


I am so sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately it is happening throughout the country. We walk, talk, surf the net, text etc with our heads down and unaware of our surroundings. It is now no longer safe to do so. 

Walking and using a mobile, unfortunately, is asking for trouble.



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