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This seems to have been an issue for some time, but am I alone in being irked by the open flouting of the smoking ban by Beans & Barley's customers?

I'm referring to the covered patio area to the front (see picture). On rare occasions in summer, the bi-fold windows are opened, meaning this is an open space with roof cover. However, for the vast majority of time the space is entirely enclosed, no different to the main interior space, and therefore against the law to smoke within.

Smoking is clearly permitted within this area by the staff and I do not recall a time I have entered where there weren't multiple people doing so (indeed, I imagine this is an attraction as the only public place one can get away with smoking indoors in Harringay!).

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I have noticed that when walking past. It's put me off ever going inside though

Yep, don’t go in there anymore for precisely that reason! 

We should reclaim it, the food is excellent, best Shakshouka I’ve tasted.., 

Agreed, I pop in for coffee, but never eat there now, such a shame. I just can't believe it's so openly flaunted without any repercussions? 

Not a fan of smoking, it can cause serious flare ups for folk with atopic eczema and respiratory attacks for asthma, not to mention carcinogens for children and adults. 

I think overall the council should engage the whole high street encouraging schemes to allow smokers to quit, it’s an opportunity for a positive health outcome !

Secondhand smoke can stay in the air for several hours and travel up to 20 feet. Fact: Pets that get exposed to secondhand smoke have a higher risk of some cancers and respiratory problems. So a street wide campaign makes good sense @haringeycouncil smokefree.gov #smokefreelife #Iminharingey


Complain to Haringey’s Environmental Health team if you feel strongly enough? Contacts on the Haringey website; (non-) smoking enforcement is in their remit.

I have done. No response (not even an automated reply) yet, but I'll keep an eye on it.

Funnily enough we went in the other day for food but left again for this reason. The smoking ban is so openly and blatantly ignored in there, it did make me wonder if the owners legitimately don’t know that the law is being broken, but then there are no ash trays on the tables even where people were smoking (and five of six occupied tables had smokers), so perhaps it is just them knowingly ignoring the rules? I’m sure the number of smokers they attract is outweighed by the numbers put off by it so can’t be great for business.



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