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Hi there,

The skip company recommendations on here date back a few years so could anyone kindly recommend a recent one who will also do the application for a licence via the council?

Many thanks


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i used Hunt Skips in Tottenham who seemed pretty reasonable and did the permit for me.  

Great, thanks Tom.

i used HIPPO BAGS from homebase and was very happy and no need for permit

Never heard of them but will investigate! Thank you.

We used hunts skips too ...

Thank you Jessie. 

Hi Emma, did you go with Hunt skips in the end?  We're also looking for skip hire (don't need a permit as we have a front drive) but saw Hunt had really bad reviews on google.  If you went with someone else you can recommend, I'd love to hear!!  Thanks

Hello! Funnily enough, our build got put back so am about to book skip to arrive next Monday. I’m still going to go with Hunt’s, unless anyone else can suggest another. Not all the reviews on Google look bad and a few are quite old. Fingers crossed! 

Thanks for the quick reply Emma! Hope it all goes well !

We're ideally booking ours for this Thursday or Friday so I will continue my search. I prefer to pay a bit more and know they won't leave me in the lurch as we are moving house and we can't have a skip staying here longer than we are! 

Thank you !

Thank you, yes, I totally understand - a bit different when you’re actually moving! Fingers crossed. I went with Hunt’s in the end as I posted on Next Door and they were recommended on there too. Good luck with the move!

Aw thank you! :) Hope all goes well your side too. 

Thank you! 



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