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Sketchy guys in the passageway between Alison and Beresford rd

Just now two guys are in the middle of the passageway and it looks like they’re doing a deal. I didn’t want to ride down with my daughter in the child seat, but it’s not the first time. Last week two guys were smoking something by the street light as I passed (with my family) and a few weeks before that there was a group hanging around in the same spot, hunched over something small. On the first occasion I called 111, but it doesn’t seem to deter them. Anyone else seen anything? What are they doing? They’re not trading stamps, or maybe they are. 

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Evening. They would be our local crackheads enjoying a non socially distanced pipe or two. 

The problem is getting more noticeable due I think to the lack of non drug addicts being out

and about. 

I’ve had to move 2 groups on from doing this in people’s front porches in the past week. I find it relieves some lockdown stress to really just vent full spleen at them. But it is horrible to witness and it I suspect my method is probably foolish but the police don’t have the resources etc, so what can you do; arresting the dealers would help 

I've had to move on two guys smoking crack on my porch and front garden on a couple of occasions about a month ago, they both looked really unwell. They moved immediately when asked and apologised. On the second occasion I asked that they did not return and I have not seen them since.

Welcome to Harringay.

I don't think so; having lived here for 20 years+ it has fluctuated a lot over that time and on the whole I think it is better than it was years ago, though worth keeping an eye on any increased dealing activity. The two guys on my porch were not threatening at all just sad.

Haringey has long standing reputation for being a drug addict borough but in effect it’s everywhere. I used to live in posh Holly Lodge Estate in Highgate and there were dealers living on Highgate West Hill openly dealing on the Estate, and also caught burgling houses. They’ve now moved but the Estate has a real problem at the top in the gardens, they have their share of car theft and burglary. Dealing is not just in Haringey 



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