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Haringey Council has a budget of around £1million from Transport for London to implement a 'major scheme' on the 'Green Lanes corridor'.

Harringay ward residents have for many years made known their concerns about the  heavy levels of traffic on the Harringay Ladder roads. Their use as a rat run has a serious negative impacts on our health and quality of life.

Despite the level of residents' concerns and the submissions made by our local police sergeant, the current proposals to use the TfL funds make no consideration of this. Furthermore, it is likely that elements of the scheme will displace still more traffic on to the Ladder roads.

We have just discovered that decisions are due before Christmas. So a group of locals has worked together to set up a petition to ask the council to include dealing with rat-running on the Ladder roads as a priority. 

Please sign the online petition & view our video. Where it asks for 'location', please state your road and preferably also your postcode. and, if you can, volunteer to knock a few doors on your street and get some signatures on paper. With effect from Wednesday 15th December, the council has a duty to respond to residents' petitions. So let's allow them to hear our concerns.


To follow and join in the discussions on this, please go to the Update on plans of where to spend TfL's £1.2m for Harringay thread.

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