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Hi all

Has anyone had a side return extension done within the last year or so who would recommend their builders. We’re looking for someone to do the whole thing from design to build to fitting and decorating.



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Hi Selina, I'm an architect so can't help you with the build, but can recommend a couple builders. Is it just a traditional build you're looking at (i.e brick, flat or slate roof), or is it something non-standard? 

I’d imagine fairly traditional. The only query we really have at the moment is how big it can be. We already have a 3m extension at the back of the house - been there since the 70s we think - and we’re wondering if we could build the whole way out to that and across or If we’d have to bring it in a bit. 

Hi Selina, great - I'll send you some recommendations when I'm back at my desk. 

In terms of how far you can extend - afraid it's difficult to say without seeing the property, where it is and it's context. Assuming the typical situation where 3m has been added on to the outrigger of a house, and you want to fill in the side, council may ask to limit the side to 3m in depth (so step it back) or will allow it full depth if you slope the roof down to the boundary so it isn't so tall against the neighbours side passage. 

If the site is different though, none of that may apply. Apologies can't be more specific.

Hi Selina, I'll send you a message with the recommendations. 

Thanks so much! 

Interrsting to know what we could be looking at in terms of the extension size too. Thanks for all your help. 

Hi Costa, 

would you mind also sharing with me?

Many thanks


I can highly recommend George at http://www.archcpm.co.uk/.  His team have completed a couple of jobs for us.  The workmanship is first class with what i thought reasonable prices.  George will project mange the job which means no hassle.  You are welcome to come and see the work completed at our home if you wish. 

I second that. George  at Archcpm refurbed my kitchen (installation of rsj), reception breakthrough and bathroom refurb with  a fews years back and I was very satisfied with the result. He is a straightforward person and managed his team well.

Hi Nigel, would it be possible for come & view ? 

(appreciate this was posted a while ago & you may not longer be there!) 



i am likewise interested - I had a loft conversion done and they did everything for me.  ie planning, dealing with council all building. The only thing I had to do was a party wall survey, they recommended someone for me. They were a specialist company and very reasonable.

I would like a similar service from an extension building company. If anyone can suggest any would be grateful.

Its a relatively straightforward extension, I want the side extended to the party fence, 3 / 4 velus windows in the extension roof, extend the sliding door at the back to a folding design, I beam will be needed for extension opening, etc. 



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