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Should Harringay Online (& similar websites) report all local crime?

There seem to have been a spate of incidents on the streets hereabouts recently and we or other HoL users have added posts about them online.

Reading one response to a crime related post from a member this morning, I was uncomfortable to read that she's starting to feel more nervous about going out now. I'm wondering whether we're doing the community a disservice by providing a platform for these crime stories.

On the one hand, it's good to be informed. On the other, are we responsible for creating more fear than there's cause for?

Is there a middle ground? Could we do things differently that would meet both the desire to inform and the wish not to cause undue concern?

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Thanks Liz, precisely. I read this post of yours when I was househunting and found it very helpful. There's no denying we have our fair share of bad things around here, but it's important to focus on positives too...

There are also a lot of dangers involved in crossing the road every day or driving a car, but we don't spend our time discussing horrible accidents we've witnessed or heard about (what would be the point?) - we focus on getting about our daily business. 

In particular I have found this to be one of the most friendly places I've ever lived in (in London) - having met a large amount of lovely neighbours easily and in a very short time....

I know people who live in other places e.g. Muswell Hill, who moan about the snootiness of a large amount of people they meet (apologies to anyone reading from that area - I am sure there are many friendly people too). And in Stoke Newington, where I lived for 5 years, I liked the place, but I knew fewer people on my street after all that time than I do now after only 6 months.... 


And surely building some sense of community through this site and other avenues - while not solving everything of course - can help to feel this is a good place to live?



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