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I went for a walk Tuesday as my daily exercise.

Whilst walking, I filmed central London in lockdown. It was so odd seeing London so empty and quiet. And although it's in shutdown right now, it won't be forever and I'll be ready for it once it's open again for business.

The film can be found by clicking this link -   youtu.be/rfO4Tk1UWvk.

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That is a beautiful film. I work in Cheapside and I walk to all those places in my lunchtimes - it made me feel sad but I know we will all be able to return sometime soon.

It was strange seeing it like this.  But I am glad I managed to capture it as it will be a moment in history.  I look forward to it thriving again.

All looks like one of those apocalypse films. Very strange. 

Where's the last place on the film located?


Could you make another film - in contrast the activity on Green Lanes in Harringay, and queues outside local stores. Would be a great historical record.

I am currently working on a slightly longer film about life in over a two week period during lockdown, so this will include things like that but from people I know all over the world as well as local clips

That sounds brilliant. I look forward to hearing more.

On my way to Barts Hospital a few days ago.

London Wall at 8:30 on a weekday

This is great, hope I can share this on my own site (quizking.net) if you don't mind

Of course you can share, please use the link in my post



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