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I don’t know whether anyone has noticed the small and probably delicious take aways available on Green Lanes but some have no window for takeaway and I noticed one last Saturday with 6 people waiting in this tiny little restaurant , none were wearing mask and no place for self distancing, the chef was cooking generating heat and the door was firmly closed; I must say I was appalled.

Sainsbury was really busy, no queuing, no one restricting entry, no one way system, masks were warn or not, very festive but I felt really unsafe.

Post office advertises 3 people only allowed inside but people are just cramming in that small narrow space, some wear masks but no one is trying to reduce numbers going in, again it felt really unsafe and specially as queues are not moving fast. The Crouch end post office is much safer with someone at the door to measure amount of people going in and much bigger premises.

I really find Green Lane shopping is generally unsafe with many non essential shops open, and no one to stop the madness. COVID numbers in Haringey shot up last week.

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Ruth, agree completely. These businesses have suffered the hardest by sticking to the rules.  The least we can do is to shop locally to help them keep afloat

I agree Christine. I don't think the 'language barrier' is really an excuse. Maybe it's time to notify David Lammy to let him know what's going on in parts of his constituency and see what he does about it

The Council has prepared translated stuff (Covid safety messages) and is working with local Turkish and Kurdish groups - told them about the Albanians but not sure anything will be done about it.

Haringey was shown by Kings as having a huge surge of Covid cases yesterday - small wonder.

As to Police - we have had two incidents recently in the road which meant police coming through our terraced house to check the back of other houses. No masks worn by any of the officers (at least 12 different ones) while coming through  the house and no offer was made to wear them. I opened my mouth and shut it again...

Can you add a link for this please. A report of a 'huge surge' surprises me. 

Thanks. That doesn't seem to show any spike, does it? Is the King's data using a a different source?

Oh yes it does, On Monday there were 1342 cases some hundreds down from previous week, yesterday there were 2176 cases up 528 from previous week. Today there are 2053 up 459 from last week. I have tried to get appointment with David Lamy but not very easy, I am planning to email him soon as I can. Basically be on your guard the virus is there ready to pounce . My numbers come from COVID 19 app which tells how your borough is doing among other thing

I've just been down to the West End, where it was much quieter than usual although things are opening up today of course. On both buses and tube there was almost complete mask-wearing, likewise in all the shops/cafes I went into and in the National Gallery, where the one-way rule is being enforced with draconian rigour even when the galleries are almost empty.

So there doesn't seem to be a problem with compliance in the centre of town - I wonder if it's because quite a few people appear to be tourists, who have most likely come from countries where the rules are more strictly enforced, and they do it without thinking. Sadly, I think many people living in this area don't feel the situation has anything to do with them, and exist in their own bubbles - not sure it's a language issue really, as it's fairly obvious what is expected from the behaviour of others, and the graphic notices everywhere.

I haven't seen any police patrolling on Green Lanes for months, and as for community marshalls, I caught sight of what might have been a pair of them, strolling down the street chatting happily and ignoring all the breaches of law going on around them.

I work in central London and agree with what Maddy says about mask wearing in shops. I think people round here are choosing to flout the rules. It has nothing to do with language barriers or other excuses. A lot of them seem to have misinformation about it being a hoax or other nonsense and don't care about protecting other people. I was in Superdrug the other day and a woman kept giggling when I glared at her for not wearing her mask. When I mentioned it to the cashier she just shrugged. This is the LAW - it's not optional - yet they are allowed to get away with it because no-one can be bothered to enforce it

Why should a min wage cashier enforce it? It's not her job to do so and won't be worth the abuse she'll no doubt get for trying.

As for the centre of town, there are very few tourists around - especially in Westminster - but people are a lot better than I see in Haringey. I've been in the office throughout the year and it's no different now.

Surely security staff should be enforcing it - this is their job! They're not just paid to stand there.

Exactly. These big chains can afford to employ security and they should be using them to make sure people comply with the rules. They have all been doing well out of the lockdown as they were allowed to remain open while other less essential shops stayed closed so they must have seen their profits soar. Least they can do is make sure public health laws are adhered to



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