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JJ B I wasn't accusing you personally of anything. How could I- I don't know you. And anyway there's nothing wrong with being middle class. I was told I was middle class by one of our schoolmasters- we all were because we were at that school he said. But of course it comes with certain attitudes (that by no means all share) just like any demographic does. These days I call myself classless though more accurately I think I'm a bit of everything- upper class sounding perchance as the result of elocution lessons as a child, working class through certain habits such as frequenting betting shops and taking an interest in dog racing, and of course inevitably middle class. 

The unsavoury characters outside may have had nothing to do with the betting shop itself, or may have been attracted there by the FOBTs. These as you've said are no longer really an issue. I wouldn't defend them anyway- they are no interest to the old-style racing man. Nor am I interested in the AGCs which are about gaming not gambling- they are not the same. And  "unsavoury" is a value judgment really. I've seem them around the Betfred at Wood Green too. But they're not a problem really if you don't make them one. They'll get out of your way if they're blocking the entrance to the betting shop. They have other things on their mind, principally drug dealing I'd imagine which is another subject entirely. 

We have our views which doubtless will not change. I took up an interest in horse racing back in 1957- betting shops came along later. They are secondary to an interest in various sports, but important. I really don't think there's anything ipso facto tawdry about a betting shop any more than there is about a pub where many men (and women too in both types of establishment) spend money they haven't really got. Our society is more willing to approve of pubs. Others most certainly are not. Me, I like 'em both!  

Well done to the government for reducing the stake amount on those SSBT machines....

The main reason William Hill closed many of their shops in the area.

Betting shops are just scum bag business's in general. Even if you're someone that does well you get limited by the shop anyway.

Read and heard too many stories of people blowing all their wages in 1 hour on a Friday afternoon . Can’t begin to imagine what they are like when they get home and have to lie or explain about what's happened to their families.

Gambling is toxic.... And even if you are one of the select few that do well out of it, the companies limit your stakes so you can't win anymore. Both in the shops and online.

The arcade shop opposite the new grocer mums is always empty and only attracts the local homeless and drug addicts from what ive seen when i walk past. Why the hell do they want to open another one in the area?

Sorry, Mal, I didn't see your reply when I just replied to JJ B. As I said people have different outlooks. What you say about betting shops is what others would say about pubs. And you can blow your wages over a night in the boozer just as easily.

You seem fairly well versed in bookies limits though. Yes I know and it's getting worse but there are ways around it- travelling around, getting a team to put money on etc. 

I've no truck with arcade shops though I know next to nothing of them. But providing shelter by day for the homeless is not in itself a bad thing IF like betting shops you can just sit there without punting and maybe with a nice cheap cup of tea. Most other businesses will not allow people to hang around long without purchasing the merchandise. Libraries and betting shops are notable exceptions. Some prefer one, some the other. Once again, me, I like both 

Blow your wages in one night in the boozer?  I suppose if you did pints of Bailey’s (which I once witnessed in the Old Ale).



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