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I think there are just three now, all on Grand Parade:

  • Jennings (ex Better) 32-33
  • Agora, 48 (gaming shop)
  • Ladbrokes 54-55

Have I missed any?

Paddy Power on the corner of Warham Road. And I believe Admiral have a planning application approved to move into the vacant shop beside the old post office. 


Why can’t these nasty businesses just stay away.

Last thing Harringay needs is another arcade shop full of druggies 

Why does the council grant these scum businesses permission where there are so many people out there trying to help gambling addicts. This just adds fuel to the fire.

Haringey has to work within the national legislative framework. They can only decide things within very strict limits. The same applies to planning and licensing.

i don’t think you’ll find it’s druggies who are the primary users. It’s usually the less well off members of a society who can least afford to gamble away their meagre resources. 

Thanks. so That's 3 betting shops, 1 AGC with possibly another to come. But, in comparison to 7 or 8 years ago, that's not bad. Back then I think Green Lanes had 10 or more plus the AGC.

Check out the 'Betting Shops' tag I've added under the original post. You'll see the ongoing struggle. 

I guess it seems a lot when you’re on Warham and there’s a cluster at the bottom of the road. 

10 bookmakers on Green Lanes? I assume we're talking about the stretch from the Salisbury to the bridge since Green Lanes stretches from Newington Green to Winchmore Hill. But the two Hills closed before Covid (because of the changed limits on FOBTs I think). That leaves two Ladbrokes, a Jennings (I think it is) and nothing else that comes to mind. Three, maybe another one or two, certainly nowhere near 10. And none I think in the next stretch from West Green Road to the Salisbury.  

AGCs are the new gambling shops. Has anyone noticed taht quite a few betting shops haev closed since high stakes were reduced? They need to prey on the vulnerable somehow.

New category of gambling den

Peolple need to object. It is my experience that the council will do as much as possible, given its resources, to refuse planning permission where possible. Was there a change of use? What input did your councillor have? There are means of objecting read the Local plan DPD DM46

I fear this thread, originally about a film shoot at the Salisbury, has turned into a not uncommon tirade against betting shops. Now I know gambling can be a problem addiction but so of course can drinking and nobody's complaining about the Salisbury, Brouhaha and The Old Ale Emporium.

Nor am I. They are all rather good establishments and I enjoy a drink in any of them. I also enjoy betting. So let's think about betting shops which are the gambling equivalent of pubs for the drinkers (and I'm not the only one who enjoys both). I suspect, partly I know as the result of outside pressure, betting shops are more alive to problem customers than a lot of of pubs are.

Harringay Online, which I have enjoyed being on for many years, is excellently run. But it does tend I feel to be pretty middle class and pretty white. Now that demographic are big on drinking but can be a bit sniffy about betting shops, horse and dog racing, and in some instances even football.  Betting shops are more likely to be the haunts of working class people, black people and old people. I'm sure most of you here would be horrified to feel you were prejudiced against any of these groups. All I ask in that context is that you try to empathise with other people's preferences. 

I had to look up AGCs. This seems to be a fancy dan name for gaming arcades. JJ B these have nothing to do with betting shops. Betting shops are places for gambling on sports, particularly horse racing, dog racing, football and golf, each of which (the betting not the activities) requires a certain level of knowledge and skill to hope to succeed in every so often- but the wins are usually greater than the stakes losses, and one win can pay for many unsuccessful bets. You can also bet on lotteries where you get much better odds than on our National Lottery which is largely a pool rather than a fixed odds punt (a proper bet IMO should not be dependent on its popularity among other punters).

Betting shops (pre-Covid anyway) were excellent places for the lonely to spend time. No-one forces you to bet. This is not the case I think in pubs. 

And people here tend to make a fuss about the proliferation of betting shops. For those of us who use them that can be an advantage. Because each chain will have slightly different odds on each sporting event, and you can punt on the one offering the best odds.

For a time during lockdown people had to bet online. Isn't that a bit too easy maybe? And people need to get out a bit, for fresh air, exercise, and most of all the company of others. Long live the betting shop. That is the motion for. I suspect there will be quite a rush to put the motion against.

Have a good day everybody.

 I am sorry if I come across as 'middle class' although I really take that as a dismaissal  that people use just like when they respond with '1st world problem’. It is in itself quite condescending - although you can’t descend from a lower to a higher position can you? It is often used with a certain degree of contempt for people making a point that may be important to them.

I am quite confident about my status & origins, be that socio-economic, ethnic, racial or otherwise, so I won’t take your comment that personally although it has triggered a sensitive reaction.

If you come to Tottenham High Rd and walk from West Green Road up to Northumberland Park you will see the concentration of gambling shops in each and every stretch of shops, and the negative effect they have on the parades and the community. I am not the only one to think this and the local community ( a very representaive bunch of local people) put up a good fight to stop one of our shops, but not only, being turned into a betting shop only to see a different brand set up a few doors down although in not so prominent a location.

There is good research backing this up and councils up and down the country recognise these ill effects and put policies in place to try and minimise these.

In Bruce Grove, the now shut Betfred always had ‘unsavoury’ characters hanging around it every day during its opening hours - it has now shut. The result was a penalising ASBO that affected everyone!

We now have two chains trying to take up large shop units in Bruce Grove to set up their “AGC - gaming arcades”. Admiral already has one open and we still have Paddy Power, William Hill and TWO branches of Ladbrokes. THta would be 7 units for gambling/betting/gaming all within 500 metres of one another! You find that accepatbel?

And just who is in there? A set of mostly men ( I am a man), of a certain age ( I am of a certain age), many spending money that they do not have and cannot afford to lose. I am by no means a puritan but sorry, but there is no argument to have all of these ‘establishments' polluting our High roads.

I understand where your coming from JJ B, we had a lot of them on this stretch of green lanes. But some do go out of business, over time, when they are clustered. And your right, having loads just feels unpleasant (I had a downer with so many opening). As Hugh (I think) said above, councils have their hands tied to a large degree.

I hope for you, over time, most will close and a better balance of shops etc will settle. 


There have been closures especially Betfred.

But the reposne is.....preciselyan increase in applications for....Adult Gaming Centres which are in a different class and so this is an effort onthe part of these large corporate entities to prey on the most vulnerable communities.

Unfortunately the untrustworthy scoundrel of a PM, and his pickupside, will do nothing to solve the problems. Quite the opposite. They want to further weaken the planning rules.




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