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Hi all, has anyone got excess shoe boxes? Long story, making a short film and I need about 10 of them...


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We have some - will let you know how many. 

Great, let me know and I can come pick up!

Thanks Caroline

I have one you can have - Hewitt Rd

Hi Caroline, I have a couple available that you’d be welcome to. (Duckett Road)


That's great. yes please!

What I don't get, is how to get them, is it private messaging? Or can you tell me on here where to come? 

I'm just around the corner

Cheers Caroline

I've got a couple if you need any more Caroline. 

Yes Ruth, the more the merrier. What's the best way to pick them up?

Cheers Caroline

Can you pop by sometime? I live near Harringay Green Lanes station way. DM me so we can arrange.  

You probably have enough boxes now but still two waiting here for you if you need them. 

Clearly we like to keep and recycle our shoe boxes round here! 

Hi Caroline, have been trying to send you a PM all afternoon but it doesn't seem to be working. I am at 26 Duckett Road, have left them on the doorstep so feel free to come and pick up any time that suits.


Thanks, coming now

I have three if you want them, I'm on Lothair Road North and can leave them on the porch this evening/tomorrow.



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