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go to the finsbury

Too far... My legs wouldn't take it!

Plus, I don't have any night vision goggles...

Garden ladder. you lazy thing you.

although the salisbury does rock. give them another chance :)

Am sorry to read this, I am the assistant manager and am actually on a train back from Cornwall so was amused to be serving you whilst on a train. Without wishing, and unwilling to start a debate on the merits of the pub, I'm sure the staff were very busy, I don't know what went on but am sure it was a simple human error, it happens, we have many happy customers, and we allways do our best to provide our customers with the level of service they deserve.

By the way I have never ordered lager and been served with cider before. The fact you don't seem to understand how aggrieved you would be if you sipped what you thought was the former and found it was the latter speaks volumes I'm afraid...

Volumes indeed.

Oh, for goodness sake, Paulie. A busy popular pub made a mistake on a Friday night. Hardly cause to launch an attack of this sort. 

I love the Salisbury and will stick with it.

Agreed - seems very OTT. I'd rather have a lovely pub like the Salisbury that makes the occasional mistake on a busy night than a cruddy chain place that works like clockwork any day. Annoying yes, but this does sound like a one-off.

Hi Paulie - I think you've been unlucky. The Salisbury is a cracking pub, good beers, decent jukebox and friendly staff and punters alike

Give it another go and I if you see me in there I'll buy you the pint myself!
I'm not getting into a debate either. But if you have aspirations to run a proper pub you don't treat your regular customers - or any customers for that matter - in that way. It's not an isolated incident either - serving people drinks at ten to eleven and then telling them to leave at eleven (has happened many times) also leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. If David had been in tonight I would have told him but alas he was elsewhere.

BTW Nick I said I *thought* she was the assistant manager. I say this because of the way she acts and the way the other staff act towards her. I'm sure you know who I mean.

Ok, Paul, last I will say on the matter, the person you refer to is a very competent supervisor, as a regular customer i am disapointed u chose not to take this rather trivial matter up with myself or Dave in person instead of making your point in a public forum, however freedom of speech and whatever, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
Look foward to seeing you for a pint of cider in the near future! :-)



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