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I have just finished planting my main crop seed potatoes (Piacasso variety) and I have eleven tubers left over.  Any budding gardener is welcome to have them.  This is what they look like when washed:

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yes please Dick . I know where you are . Can you suggest a time . Thank you G 

I expect to be in most of this afternoon but may well be out of earshot of the bell.  I have sent you a connection request.

I am only able to take 3 or 4 so I guess the rest are still available . 

No problem.  See you tomorrow.

Hello Dick,

Do you have any left over?

With thanks,


Yes. There are still at least seven.

Great, I’ll take them.

Text me your details and I can pick them up today.

07957 284565

The seed potatoes have all gone.



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