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Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on secondary schools in the area? Am applying at the end of the month for my daughter. Grieg City, Heartlands and Hornsey School for Girls are the realistic options. I've looked at them all but would appreciate the thoughts of anyone whose children attend those schools. Thanks!

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My son is in Year 9 at Greig City and he is very happy there - and doing well. We are happy too! He has been given lots of opportunities in lots of different subject areas. I find the teachers very approachable and happy to talk and they really seem to know the children well. There's a very positive atmosphere at the school and, I think, the balance between challenge and support. There are numerous after-school activities and clubs. My son has been into school in the evenings / at weekends / in the holidays doing different projects - and that means the teachers have been as well. They are very hard-working. Academically, my son is doing very well and when I ask him 'How was school today,' he says "Good.'

Thanks Helen, that's good to know. I went to the open morning last week and I thought it had a really nice vibe. The only thing that slightly put me off was the fact there were a lot more boys than girls, some classes only had 3 or 4 girls in them. But we'll see!

I think it's about 60/40 - fairly typical for round here. Although I have a son this was a bit of a concern for me because my son's friendship group at primary school was girls plus one other boy. They were feisty girls. At Greig my son has formed a group of male friends and they are at the quieter end of boyhood. So basically he's stayed in the 'middle ground' and it has worked out well. I think girls are pushed forward at the school - they built a racing car in summer - yes, really! - and the main driver is a girl. There are plenty of girls in the robotics club (my son is in this club also) and the school is the best in the best in the country for basketball for girls. They have boats and a team of girls won a big race at the weekend.

Yes, they told us about the robotics, was very impressed! They said it was 40/60 but it seemed more like 70/30, even 80/20 in some of the classes I saw. I thought the school was really warm and aiming high. It's such a shame it doesn't have the best reputation, I honestly don't know why. I am the only parent in my daughter's class who would even look round it. Must be very frustrating for staff and parents at the school. I have told everyone I was Impressed!

They took my son to America for a week to compete in the World Robotics Championship! And then took him to Germany for an end-of-year trip a couple of months later. Which primary school are you at, just out of interest? I think it's a shame for local or local-ish parents that they deny themselves this great local opportunity - but am glad I didn't! The staff are really very motivated and motivational and they teach lovely children who don't all live on the doorstep...

I know, the problem also is that my daughter isn't keen because it all filters down to the kids from parents. My daughters go to St mary's

Good luck! I know what you mean. I suppose we swam against the tide also. Looking back, the Year 6 peer pressure from other parents seems so peculiar. And a world away now. My son has new friends and still sees his old friends.

I know, it is odd! Thanks for all the advice Helen.

My daughter is in Yr10 at HSG and it's a very good school imo.

The school caters well for all levels of ability, the staff are friendly and approachable, it has attractive and spacious outside areas, a newish and enthusiastic Parent Staff Association, a great Performing Arts department (including a Community Choir and Steel Pans band for adults), great GCSE results (3rd place after Fortismere and APS in 2014), Duke of Edinburgh scheme, a positive behaviour awards scheme etc

But you can only decide if this is the right school for your daughter by going to one of the open evenings/mornings

Thanks Angela, I went to the open morning last week, I liked it but it's just useful to know what parents of children already at the school think. Thanks again.
Our son is in Year 10 at Greig City Academy, doing really well. Our daughter has just finished doing her GCSEs there too. She has done incredibly well. The school has been great for both our children. The teaching is fantastic and our two have been really happy. I would support what Helen says. GCA really cares about the children, everyone is supported to achieve the best they can. Our experience has been really positive.
Thanks so much for responding Karen. I really liked the feel of the school, the staff seemed very inspirational and it felt more cosy than a lot of the huge secondaries around here!



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