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Some years back local estate agent Reuben Simon spotted an old Hornsey boundary marker in a skip and gave it to me. Having researched it a little and after establishing that it came from the grounds of the old Queen's Head, Harringay, I gave it to Bruce Castle Museum for safe-keeping. 

As far as I can calculate, the one up for auction would have stood in the gardens of where 78 Wilton Road and 83 and 85 Greenham Road N10 are today.

I found the old list of Hornsey Parish Boundary Markers from 1888. The page with N0, 395 is below. A map of the location I think it was at is below that, showing the 1893 OS map superimposed on a modern map. Do you think I have the location right? It's on sale in Southgate Auction Rooms on Monday.

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Hi Hugh

Is it possible you could email me the list too?


I'd be interested too, if I may. Thanks

Well done all.

I did a casual update in various parts of the Boro' last summer and we've lost a couple and gained one in the Japan Crescent area. There were supposed to be one on each platform of Crouch Hill Station [as its partly in LBH], but I couldn't find either [ nor could TfL staff] but I did find one on private land alongside TfL land there with the help of a interested garage owner.



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