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Some years back local estate agent Reuben Simon spotted an old Hornsey boundary marker in a skip and gave it to me. Having researched it a little and after establishing that it came from the grounds of the old Queen's Head, Harringay, I gave it to Bruce Castle Museum for safe-keeping. 

Now another one (pictured above) has opped up for auction. As far as I can calculate, this one would have stood in the gardens of where 78 Wilton Road and 83 and 85 Greenham Road N10 are today.

I found the old list of Hornsey Parish Boundary Markers from 1888. The page with N0, 395 is below. A map of the location I think it was at is below that, showing the 1893 OS map superimposed on a modern map. Do you think I have the location right? It's on sale in Southgate Auction Rooms on Monday.

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Colin, I just came across a second list of Hornsey boundary markers: this one is from 1866, a year before Hornsey abandoned the vestry system of local government. I'm not sure that it'll be much use because I think most, if not all, are long gone and were superseded by those given in the 1888 list which I already sent you a copy of - just flagging it.

Thanks Hugh, I would be pleased to see this second list, if it's not too large to copy. Doing more research on the Clerkenwell Detached boundary is still on my list. Are there any other members out there who have an interest in this? Colin

I would’ve interested in Clerkenwell detached but not sure where to start!

Hi Hugh

Is it possible you could email me the list too?


I'd be interested too, if I may. Thanks

Well done all.

I did a casual update in various parts of the Boro' last summer and we've lost a couple and gained one in the Japan Crescent area. There were supposed to be one on each platform of Crouch Hill Station [as its partly in LBH], but I couldn't find either [ nor could TfL staff] but I did find one on private land alongside TfL land there with the help of a interested garage owner.



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