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I may be overreacting here, but I have just had an extremely irritating visit from a man called Stuart/Stewart who represents Scottish Power, asking oblique questions about 'blue forms', my type of meter and energy payments. Obviously he is trying to sell Scottish Power contracts but using these unclear leadup questions about 'energy reduction checks' to disarm people into divulging information and maybe even signing new contracts without properly realising it. It took a lot of persuading on my part for him to finally go away and let me get on with my evening - I basically had to shut the door in his face and he was still asking if he could come back in an hour! I am very concerned and not a bit impressed that these guys are up to door-to-door sales like this on a dark evening.

Anyway, I've sent an email of complaint to:CustomerServiceDirector@scottishpower.co.uk

It will probably get instantly deleted by someone in a call centre but I had to say my piece - just wondered if anyone else fancied complaining too...


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All these energy companies got rapped very badly a few years back for just these tactics (and worse). Though it's usually third party sales companies who the energy companies have sub-contracted their sales and marketing to - a bit like all those dodgy companies who phone your mobile and claim to be from T-Mobile/Vodafone etc. and try to talk you into changing to a different tariff. Definitely worth making the complaint - and you should also make it to Ofgas, the regulator.
I had a woman with the same spiel this evening. I just said I knew I wasn't paying too much and she went away. If you can be bothered to make a complaint, ask to see their ID and make a note of their name. Otherwise the energy companies say they are agency employees and can do nothing if you can't identify them.
We got this tonight too - just shut the door on them (as we already are on Scottish Power) - may well email too...
Can I draw your attention to this sign that HOL produced a while back to prevent such hawkers. I just point at the sign, smile and shut the door:


Its a PDF to download.
I rarely get cold calls. I thinks it's because I've got a sign on my door the says "Chat mechant" which is just French for "Beware of the cat" but I think some callers imagine there is something particularly dangerous behind the door!
Ah! You are the 'Chat Mechant'; it makes me laugh everytime I walk past.
In a Charles Addams cartoon, two men walk between a row of trees. A sign reads: "BEWARE OF THE CAT". The caption is: "There's silly sign if ever I saw one."
A smiling tiger is partly camouflaged up in the branches.
Just to update: I am VERY impressed with how my complaint was handled by Scottish Power. I got an initial email response followed by a phone call from a genuinely considerate and sympathetic manager this afternoon. Apparently the legal regulations allow these contracted sales teams to call door-to-door up to 8pm, so my visitor at 7.20ish was within the limits. However, the woman I spoke with was concerned about the opaque lead-up questions I mentioned, as the salesperson is supposed to state their affiliation and the purpose of the call 'at the earliest opportunity'. She's going to follow things up with the manager of the sales team in question. Also, for what it's worth my address has apparently been removed from their list for future door-to-doors. Of course, this doesn't stop cold-calling in general, but I was pleased that my concerns were taken seriously and that the company at least seems to want to play by the rules. Not a bad result!
Hmm we too got harrangued by Stu who went on and on trying all sorts of tactics to get us to succum to his charms I eventually had to admit that I was completely deranged as I didn't want 'to save at least 20% on my fuel'bills' then I shut the door in his face good idea to complain he was rather overbearing



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