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Any Scots expats like me who are fretting about independence ? I went to the union rally in Trafalgar Square yesterday. There weren't that many people there and the whole event was a bit of a damp squib. 

The thought of losing the union is very unsettling. I don't like change perhaps though in reality it won't effect me and I have very few ties with Scotland except friends there. 

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I hadn't thought of that. It's even better than my plan of moving up there.

My Scot friends in london are divided by this although I most seem to now be 'Aye'.
I've not lived there since I was tiny but a lot of my family are in Scotland and if I'm honest I'm finding it all a bit difficult! I don't want to see a majority yes vote but a lot of my family do.

I'm not looking forward to the result - which ever way it goes there is going to be a lot of angst and disappointment. Don't get me wrong - I think the way the yes campaign has galvanised people is great, but personally I don't think the risks of independence outweigh the promised benefits, especially given the other options available.

Unlike Sharon most of the Scots I know down here would vote no (had they the chance).
It's going to be emotional! ;-)
I'm surprised too as it seems to have no standard political reasoning. My friends are all lefties but most Aye!, some Nay!

This in reply on Twitter:

i think it will be a yes win, if not now, very soon-

be awful, years of tories in power down south

Apparently that isn't a given at all (praise be) - would have made a difference to some elections but by no means all.

More here (and various other articles online about this):

What's missing from all this circus is a real War of Independence. It doesn't look as if the successful YES vote is even going to be followed by a decent Civil War. I know some neighbouring countries where they're still running a whole jolly political system 90 years later on their experience of bloody Independence and bloodier Civil war. As with too many African countries, our benign and doting Mother Country is simply handing those Northerners their independence on a plate. Wait till you see the mess these pampered mammoni are going to make once they finally move out.

That's amazing (but true, just checked - no offence Phil ;))! And a little outrageous surely - something like that could actually have an impact on the eventual vote by galvanising the yes vote even more?

Obviously lots of publicity for Betfair too...
William Hill in Scotland have it as a 80% Och Aye.

yes but they are offering 7:2 against a yes vote and 1:5 on odds of a no vote.

The 80%  who have placed their bet on yes, will hopefully lose their money.



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