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Witnessed young men on 5/6 scooters chasing and attacking another scooter rider on Cornwall Road this afternoon. The attackers were dressed all in black and some wore masks. They were surrounding what looked like a delivery scooter rider and kicking and smashing his bike. 

I was with my 18 month old son and another father and his daughter. The incident happened right in front of us and as it started we thought we were the target.

On the day after the tragic Finsbury Park attack it really makes me wonder what's happening to Britain and especially London. It truly saddens me that we are surrounded by such anger and aggression. It felt like the desperate lawlessness we saw in the summer of 2011.

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That's so scary! I hope you were all ok afterwards. Was this reported to the police?

Some years ago, we had the violent ice-cream wars in Glasgow where drugs were sold round the housing estates from competing ice-cream vans. Is it possible that the scooter delivery riders are delivering more than pizzas ?

Hi Jonathan. Thanks for informing me of this. I live in the flats by the alleyway into Chestnuts Park. Do you know where on the road it was? I can ask my fellow residents if they witnessed anything. 

This is not the first time my wife and I have witnessed moped riders touring the area. They use Downhills Park and Lordship Rec as a shortcut. My wife witnessed one such rider dump a bike by Banc and run off. 

Unfortunately I was a victim of scooter crime only recently in Dalston when a rider mounted the pavement. The case was closed by the Police 2 days later as the bike used was stolen and the rider wore a helmet and so could not be identified. I mentioned the issues in my local area and said it was best to write to the MP. Not sure how that helps. 

I obviously share your concerns given I am the father to a 15 month old and my recent issues. 

Hi Johnathan, 

Please can you get in touch with the Safer Neighborhood team for St Ann's to let them know about this?

They are aware of moped crime and need every bit of evidence. Thanks!

PC 633YR Stephanie Ukpelukpe 
Dedicated Ward Officer St. Anns 
Haringey BOCU | East Cluster SNT 
Metropolitan Police Service 
Email stephanie.ukpelukpe@met.pnn.police.uk 
Address Tottenham Police Station, 389 High Road, London, N17 9JA

I emailed the Harringay SNT about being deliberately run into by a motorist two weeks ago on Umfreville Rd and they just told me to: call 101 OR pop into a police station OR log it online. After what happened when I was headbutted by the mechanic at Tottenham Lane Service Station in 2015 I decided not to waste everyone's time and left it. If you've been itching to thump a neighbour for years, now's the time to do it.

sure thing - emailing now.

Let me guess, no helmets worn?

This has happened a few times recently on Warwick Gardens, too. I called the police a few months ago when I saw/heard the commotion outside my house. Plod took their time and obviously failed to catch anyone, because it happened again a couple of nights ago, presumably involving the same gang. Two hefty lads chased them off so I didn't bother to call the police again. Incidentally, the street lights in Warwick Gardens have been out for around three months now and the dear old council has done nothing to fix them. Coincidence?

Do you think they were trying to steal the victims scooter?

PS this was in the afternoon in broad daylight!

That's usually the motive, to the use it in further crime. Considering they use angle grinders to cut motorcycle security chains in busy locations in broad daylight, this is nothing.

The scrotes need to be caught and do real hard time. Rather than the usual £200 fine.

What time did this happen? 

It was a Pizza Hut delivery man they targeted, so presumably it occurred before that outlet does its last orders - around 10.30-11pm. On the previous occasion when I called the police it was twilight (in May, so around 7pm).



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