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I witnessed an older man come crashing off his electric scooter yesterday in Crouch End. No other vehicles were involved, he was just driving down the road, with a bag of shopping on one handle bar, when the thing just went flying and him with it. He was able to get up after a while, but had clearly hurt his shoulder quite badly.

It made me think how unstable these things are, when a slight bump in the road or whatever it was can pitch it over like that. Once balance is lost there's no righting it, as you could perhaps with a bike.

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I had an electric sccooter but soon got rid of it. It's perfect with a smooth tarmac surface but the wheels are so small that even the smallest hole will result in a distressing accident or worse, you swerve to miss and go under a truck. These things should only be ridden by experienced skate boarders. also i am an older man.

Idiotic to have a bag of shopping hanging from the handlebars

I love my electric scooter. When used correctly and responsibly they are safe, and I feel that it’s easier to control and stop than my bike is in an emergency eg when a pedestrian walks out in front of me. Unfortunately the surfaces in Harringay are often in extremely bad state and can cause accidents for scooter riders. 

I think you have the problem summed up Lauren- It is a nightmare on a bike to be honest, having to dodge all the pot holes- largely from repairs after someone has dug up, or access covers that are not at surface level. 

The point about small wheels is right too, that and the combination of being upright means you have a very high center of gravity. I watched a lady come down Pemby a while back. She was happily scooting down, and she hit a speed bump with a hump bigger than her wheel. Result was the scooter just stopped and tossed her face first into the tarmac (she had no helmet on). Poor woman shredded her knee and took a pretty heavy knock! 

I have cycled for years and while it has its moments you would not get me on a scooter for all the tea in China!

I believe as well, they are still illegal, no?

Sure the legal hire ones, have larger wheels. 

As Jim says, in a perfect world (nice, smooth, quiet tarmaced roads) they would be great. However... I've seen people moving at huge speeds on these & when (not if) they hit a pot hole they'll be launched into the air like a catapult. Even cycling can be tricky! Do the legal/rental ones have big(ger) wheels? If so that's definitely a good thing!



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