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School funding consultation kicks off over Haringey's 'unfair' formula

RESIDENTS are being urged to respond to a government consultation that could see Haringey awarded school funding in line with neighbouring boroughs.

The exercise is the first of two consultations, with the first measuring the desire for change and the second – later in the summer – examining the options.

Click here if you want to read more from the Haringey Indy about it, or cut to the chase and click here to respond to the consultation by May 25th

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Yes, Lynne Featherstone has been working on this for a while but it is backed by all local parties, papers, schools etc despite how it appears in the article from the Indy

We've already had a consultation!  More than 1600 individuals responded last year from Haringey and they won't want to do it again. The NUT locally put a lot of work into a cross party campaign that was scuppered by a change of government. It's unreal to expect a similar lever of support to be rallied by May 25th.

I may be cynical but I think the Tory government will use a poor turnout to say the pupil premium has delivered and there's no need for more funding now.  Actually, schools are getting a 2.8% increase in cash terms and this includes the pupil premium.  Big deal.

The government have all the responses from the last consultation which was spread over months.  

The argument amounts to something very simple: it's not fair. Which part of that needs re-examining?

There are only sixteen working days before the deadline.  My diary is absolutely full of meetings on behalf of individual members including NUT members facing redundancy.  We're not a stage army.  Lobby your MP to grow a spine.




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