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Scam Warning: fake Ofgem emails and texts about energy bill rebates

Police have issued warnings to consumers not to respond to emails or texts that ask them to apply for energy bill rebates. 

Scam emails and texts claim that the recipient is due an energy rebate payment as part of a government scheme and provides links for the recipient to follow to apply for the rebate. The links in the emails lead to malicious websites designed to steal personal and financial information.

All of the reported emails display the email subject header “Claim your bill rebate now” and the criminals behind the scam are using the Ofgem logo and colours to make the email appear authentic.

The full alert is here and you can send any emails you are suspicious of to report@phishing.gov.uk. For texts you can forward for free to 7726

The £400 rebate will be paid to all consumers in instalments over the next 6 months and the grants are administered through energy suppliers. At no point will you be asked for bank details to receive this money.

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