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Here's another very good reason to take great care when you get a call out of the blue offering help with your computer. Nasty this one.

Read about it here - and see the movie below!


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I always think about a girl with a sweet and helpful voice which calls and runs with you this basic procedures to make you scared and ready to everything to avoid "danger" with your system.

"a lifetime warranty" for  a computer is something incredible and unfortunately many people will go for it. 

There was an appalling account on the radio this week of a woman who had been taken for £64000 yes sixty four thousand, by this scam. She paid the first £300, then they kept calling back with more 'errors'.  She kept going then realised she had been conned, somehow these bastards then turned into her new best friends who were going to investigate where the bad person was in their company, she just needed to pay....   and each time she needed to pay more costs to trap the bad guys. She was very tech un-savvy, and so was easily fooled by the first call. The rest, she was taken in by their friendliness and desire to 'help'.  I cannot imagine a suitable punishment for these people who exploit the vulnerable with such glee. Have any ever been caught?

Terrible stories we could hear all the time but many of people do not realise that their computer connected to the internet are not just toys for innocent games. In the meeting between experienced scammers and an un-savvy user the second one has a really little chance to win.

The mistakes which they are present to computer users to persuade about the need to pay are absolutely normal but they present them in a way which would scare 90% of computer users for sure.

Microsoft never calls to anybody unless you wish to buy something

'Hello, you don't know me but can i have your bank details, thanks'.

Not too quickly but why not



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