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I want to install new sash windows in my house in the Gardens. I want wooden double glazed windows.

Very grateful for any recommendations for companies to do the work.

Also interested if anyone in the Gardens could send photos of their original windows. I am not sure whether they should have horns inside, or just outside and what shape they should be. If you have the original windows I’d love a picture or two.


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I very much recommend Acorn Sash - they won't be the cheapest quote you get but the windows are excellent. I've used them for the last few windows I've had replaced and they were far more carefully fitted than another sash window company I used before.

Thanks Donna. They are on my list. Hopefully get another quote to compare but I was very impressed by the person who come round to quote.

I highly recommend london sash window company. I’ve used them for two sets of bay sash windows - wooden with double glazing and all the original features. Since then I have used them again to put in a new balcony door set and for other windows in the house. Really professional and they look the best I’ve seen anywhere.

Happy for you to contact me if you want photos

Thanks Lissie - could you send their website please. There seem to be lots masquerading with the same name

We used PM Sash Windows after seeing lots of recommendations on here. Very happy with the result.

Thanks MLD



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