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I was thinking of starting a regular knitting group in the Salisbury so I went in and had a word with Dave but he thinks there is already a knitting group meeting there. I can't find anything on HoL - does anyone know anything about it?



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OOoo I would be very interested in joining 

Reply via Twitter:

It seems that it is the Harringay and Tottenham WI. They meet the first Tuesday of the month at 7.30 pm, so their next meeting is 2nd October.

Jasmine, Gill, I'd hoped to meet up on Tuesdays too, so I'm going to give the WI meeting a shot, but I'd also been hoping for something more regular so it may be that we have another group, perhaps on the third Tuesday too if people are willing to come along?

Ah I can't make the 2nd (birthday and all that). To be honest I am not keen on the WI thing and so I would be interested in a new one and in principle Tuesdays are fine for me. I work irregular hours so I will be an irregular attender. Lets meet for coffee after the 2nd.

The 16th is it is then. I am on Ravelry Jasmine, so I can put it on there, I thought I might open it up on Meet Up too.

I'm keen to have it in the Salisbury because I want to be able to bring my old Golden Retriever Mollie along with me and as far as I know it is the only place on Green Lanes that is enlightened enough to allow well-behaved dogs in.

In the diary for 16th at the Salisbury. I haven't been in the Salisbury so I will look for a golden retriever.

Jasmine, I've created an event on Ravelry (under Harringay Knitters) - please spread the word! See you on the 16th.


Either are good for me. (I mentioned coffee as I am a coffeeholic)

The WI may be less scary than you think (or it may not be!) - the Harringay one started here on HoL.

Fairnuff - just offering some context. Now, I'll duck back out.......

You're way ahead of me then!


The Hatters WI  (Tottenham and Haringey) come into the Salisbury on the first Tuesday of each month to knit and generally chat about 8.00. You'll find a few of us there and we ALWAYS welcome anyone who wants to learn or just knit with pleasant company. 

Our regular meetings are the third Wednesday each month,7.00, in the St John Vianney Centenary Rooms, and a lot of us knit there,too, during the meetings.  I apologise to the person who said she came once and noone showed up.  Occasionally the people who open the doors forget and we are locked out.  We've had to have meetings in emergency places every so often, but we do meet every month except August.  Do come for the next meeting.  We'll be there!

If you are coming to the Lordship Rec tomorrow, we'll have a table there.  Please do have a chat with one of us there. 


(Secretary, Hatters WI)




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