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I was thinking of starting a regular knitting group in the Salisbury so I went in and had a word with Dave but he thinks there is already a knitting group meeting there. I can't find anything on HoL - does anyone know anything about it?



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See you there!!

Sadly I couldn't make it tonight. Will there be another?

Sorry was unable to make it last night. Hopefully I can make next time. 

Thank you everyone for coming along last night - what a great turnout.

As I mentioned to some of you, I'm proposing that we go ahead and plan to be there for the third Tuesday of every month, alongside the existing first Tuesday already established by the WI knitters. But this is everyone's group, so I'm open to suggestions. At least one person has suggested a weekly group, which I know I could probably make 3/4 of the time, would anyone else be interested in something that often?

Hope to see you again on the 7th and/or 21st November if not before.



Yesterday was funny! I am sorry for my English, the next time I'll try to speak more. I promise that I speak a lot in Spanish!! ;)

I would like to a weekly group :) It's good way for meet neighbors.

See you!

A quick reminder to everyone that tomorrow is the third Tuesday of the month so knitting may take place. Sadly, due to a long-standing appointment, I am not able to come this month but I hope the rest of you will still meet up. We had such a great turn out last time and at the other meeting a fortnight ago it would be nice to keep the momentum going.


I'm going to Salisbury tomorrow! See you there!

Ignore my earlier comment - my appointment is tomorrow so I will be there tonight.

Hi, I'm a keen knitter but don't know where to buy wool in the local(ish) area. I'm on a pretty tight budget so the cheaper the better. I'm from up north and often get wool in markets up there - are there any nearby(ish) that sell wool?


Hi Hannah
There have been a few discussions about this over the years - if you search for wool in the site search box they one up. The ones I know of locally are on Blackstock Rd and Nest in Weston Park (Crouch End). I think one of the Wood Green market shops sells wool but am hoping others can say more as I haven't been there in ages. There is also a dept store on Holloway road which might sell wool. Hope that helps.


The shop on Blackstock Road is very good as they will hold stuff for you which is very helpful if your purse can't take the full brunt of cost, which mine never can. 

The other place is ebay. They sometimes have really good bargains. I check everyday for new listing and over the years have got good deals.

Hello. I am a keen knitter, though haven't progressed much further than scarves yet. I will try and make the 18th December meet up. Are some of you also meeting on the first Tuesday WI knitting group too (is that still going)?



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