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I was thinking of starting a regular knitting group in the Salisbury so I went in and had a word with Dave but he thinks there is already a knitting group meeting there. I can't find anything on HoL - does anyone know anything about it?



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Hi Laura

I'd like to join you on the 2nd so long as it is okay to not join the WI and to bring my very gentle old dog along. (Anyone who met her at the HoL drinks this week can vouch for her unobtrusive character).

Cheers, Helen

Transition Finsbury Park - which has a ... There's also a knitting group in the Stapleton Tavern on Thursdays from 8pm

Yes please. I've been looking for a group for ages. 

I've created an event - please sign up and come along!


Just to clarify, the WI knitting group is NOT a WI meeting, but a group of women who do - and don't - belong to the local WI. We welcome anyone who wants to knit. You don't have to join - we're in the pub, remember! We're so not scary. We're a bunch of local women who wanted to make some new friends, and maybe learn something along the way. At our WI meetings, we eat cake and drink tea, chat, do crafts or have a speaker, and then usually chat some more.

But I repeat: you don't have to join the WI to knit with us. Please try us before you start a new group. We're nice (and man, can we knit!). Tomorrow from 8pm-ish in the Salisbury. I hope we see some of you there.
Anyone at all. Men, women, knitters, non-knitters, crocheters even!

I believe men can join the WI, unlike the Brussels-based group " Women Overseas for Equality ( WOE ) which, ironically, refused to admit men to their meetings.

This was mentioned recently on Stephen Fry's "Q.I." The only members of the The W.I. apart from women were one man and his dog. He was some military man. Is he any relation of "One Woman And Her Dog" I wonder?

I don't think that's true, actually, whatever Mr Fry might say. From the WI website FAQs page:

"The Constitution and Rules are very specific and rule 9 states: “Membership of the WI is open to women. They may join by paying the required annual subscription…” This can, of course, be changed, but only if the members choose to do so by changing the Constitution."

However, male to female transsexuals are the exception.


I don't want you to think that we are arranging the other date as some sort of rival to your group. I would like to have more than one opportunity a month to join a knitting group in the neighbourhood, and being lazy I'd like to have it at the Salisbury. I proposed a date two weeks after your group thinking that like me some people might want to do something fortnightly, I intend to come to both meetings and I hope that some of your knitters may think of coming to the alternate date too.


Brilliant! We're quite a small group, as it goes, so we'd welcome more people. The second date is the night before our monthly actual WI meeting, so that may limit some of our members' involvement, but who knows - if we can get enough people, it could go weekly (I'm getting ahead if myself here).

I can't come along tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure some of our regular group are able to come - I'll send out an email reminding people at our end and with luck, there'll be a nice sized group.

Enjoy - I'll see you next month.

A last minute reminder that we will be meeting tonight, Tuesday 16th October, in the Salisbury from 7.30pm onwards.Everyone welcome, whatever their craft.
Look for the slumbering Golden Retriever.




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