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I was thinking of starting a regular knitting group in the Salisbury so I went in and had a word with Dave but he thinks there is already a knitting group meeting there. I can't find anything on HoL - does anyone know anything about it?



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Indeed - we'll be knitting on Tuesday 4th, from around 7.30-8.00ish. We're usually in the front room, but can sometimes be found in the long thin room to the side, in one of the alcoves or around a bigger table, if one is free. I think the lighting is better in the front room, so that's where I head first... Hope to see you there! 

Great, thanks.
Sorry if anyone turned up this evening after 8.30. I sat on my own for an hour, but felt a bit like Billy-no-mates, so I left. I hope to see people next month, or on the 18th.



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