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Haringey Council is looking to better understand the experience of women and girls in Haringey about their experiences after dark in the borough. To this end they are running a survey from yesterday until next Wednesday, 25th August.

The findings will be used to understand the nature of the problem in Haringey and to inform a bid to the Home Office’s Safety of Women at Night Fund, which if successful, will be used to support local interventions focused on preventing violence against women and girls in public spaces at night.

More and a link to the survey on the council website.

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I’ve just done this survey. It’s asking women to come up with ideas of safety measures to prevent them from being attacked/raped by men whilst in various locations around the borough eg (sic) what are your suggestions on how to avoid being attacked whilst walking home after dark. I’ve suggested a curfew for all men from 6pm - 6am. If any men have any suggestions on how to prevent other men from raping & attacking women, please do add your suggestions.

Applying the same curfew for women would be equally effective.

The curfew’s already in place for us women though. I’m just fed up with women being asked how to stop men from attacking & raping. 

I agree completely.

Bahahaha! Brilliant! I will write the same response. 

What do you expect from the council?

Have you seen the people running it and who they are?

This kind of thing (along with all the ineptitude) really makes me want to leave for a place that's actually well run like Hackney.

There is no chance in hell they would ask questions like that. Might be worth forwarding to any journalists you know lol 

God, so sick of this nonsense and astonished, frankly, at the whole premise which is deeply offensive. 

Like other PP's, have filled it in with variations on 'ooh, I don't know, maybe men could, like, stop raping and assaulting women?"

Deeply appropriate, if not offensive, to ask women to solve the issue of male violence. Typically ineffectual and tone deaf.

Will we be tasking Polar bears with climate crisis strategy next?

Children with overpopulation?

As usual, people are going off at the deep end. A woman might notice that a particular spot is extremely ill-lit whereas this might not worry a man. The Council is not asking the woman to install street lighting herself but simply to draw attention to the problem. 

As usual, people are commentating on something they don’t know about. You haven’t completed the survey have you?

I have looked through it but I haven't completed it as it's addressed to women only.

I have completed the survey because I think it is important to do so but nonetheless I think that  the comments made here are justified. 

The survey is far too broad brush and I cannot see that it will produce any useful data.  It reads like something that is being done just so that they can say that there has been a consultation exercise rather than something that will lead to positive change and therefore I really can't argue with people being cynical about it. 

For example,  It asks 'do you feel safe on the high street'. Which high street?  Green Lanes, Tottenham High Road, maybe Crouch end or Hornsey High Street, even Highgate has a high street and my answers would have been different for each of them. 

It really wouldn't have been hard to structure a questionnaire which asked specifics about key locations.  How safe do you feel on Wood Green High Road? Are there any particular areas where you feel unsafe? Do you feel less safe after 9pm? etc etc.  Unfortunately Haringey just goes for the cheep and very uncheerful, do you feel safe? Tell us what we can do about it.

I answered 'stop men congregating' for just about every question. 



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