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Haringey Council is looking to better understand the experience of women and girls in Haringey about their experiences after dark in the borough. To this end they are running a survey from yesterday until next Wednesday, 25th August.

The findings will be used to understand the nature of the problem in Haringey and to inform a bid to the Home Office’s Safety of Women at Night Fund, which if successful, will be used to support local interventions focused on preventing violence against women and girls in public spaces at night.

More and a link to the survey on the council website.

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A night curfew for all men would have serious implications for public transport, leading to more women walking home in the dark.

I was joking/not joking. I’m not sure if you are too? Do you mean a night curfew of men would have implications for women because there wouldn’t be any male bus & cab drivers, so us women would have to walk home instead? Women are allowed to drive cars & buses in the UK! 

I wonder if it’s legally possible to impose a night curfew just on men though? The police often impose section xxxx dispersal orders in local communities in London when they think there’s the risk of violence & disorder. 



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