Harringay online

Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

.... where to watch?

Saturday 3pm

It's on Sky (who seem to have taken most sports away from the general viewer)

The Salisbury aren't paying their Sky sub so that's out!

Any ideas?


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I'd expect The Faltering Fullback to have it on.

Thanks, will contact them
The Faltering Fullback ... all systems go. Ta Eyespy

If you haven't been, it's well worth exploring the beer garden.

Yes, very interesting layout!

And get there early...it’ll be rammed! 

What time do you recommend?

Well it’s a rugby pub so it is always packed for England games and I would imagine being the all blacks, it will attract even more than usual. It’ll be a great atmosphere there but I’ve been a few times during 6 nations and it can be hard to get a drink...worth checking when you get there to see how busy it is, but the old dairy or Stapleton tavern up the road might be a better bet if you don’t want to be too squashed in...

So in answer to your question...as early as possible 

Brilliant might head there myself!

Well we 'try' ... everytime :)

Look at that Englishman using his arms to tackle. How novel.

Doubt Lomu felt a thing.  Saw him play England at Twickenham. Steam rolled through 5 players for a try ... or they just bounced off him :) Might have been the game in that photo ...



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